In pictures: What Forest Rec looks like after Goose Fair weekend

A pile of uncooked chicken was left behind by one trader.

Pictures showing the aftermath of Goose Fair reveal the scale of the clean-up challenge facing workmen after the five-day event.

Almost half a million people attend the fair every year at the Forest Recreation Ground, to enjoy around 500 rides and attractions.

Pictures taken on Monday morning show some of the estimated 120 tonnes of rubbish left behind by visitors and traders across the course of the event.

Things left behind after 2017’s include cooking oil and even a pile of uncooked chicken.

Each night during the fair a team of people clean up the site ready for the next day and the overall clear-up after the final takes around three days – with the Forest Rec clear again by around Wednesday.

Goose Fair dates back to the middle ages and is one of the largest funfairs in Europe.