Planned multi-storey assisted living complex in Sherwood faces 60 objections

The complex is planned off Hucknall Road, in Sherwood, as depicted in this image taken by Hockley Developments
The complex is planned off Hucknall Road, in Sherwood, as depicted in this image taken by Hockley Developments
By Joe Locker, Local Democracy Reporter

Councillors will decide whether plans for a new multi-storey supporting living complex in Sherwood should be approved after 60 people objected.

Hockley Developments wants to demolish a former beauty salon in Hucknall Road to make way for a two-storey assisted living block for 11 residents and staff.

However the Nottingham-based developer, which is also behind the Sherwood Library scheme, is facing numerous objections from people living in the area.

Planning documents say the complex would provide housing for vulnerable adults.

“The apartments would be let to working-age citizens who are eligible for support from adult social care and who would have been assessed as being able to live independently in the community with an appropriate package of support,” they say.

“This support would be delivered through a 24-hour on-site staff presence, which would be delivered by a specialist provider who would be commissioned by the council.”

Residents in Hucknall Road, Teesdale Road and Weardale Road were notified of the plans in October last year, and 60 objections were made.

The objectors say: “The lack of parking provided on the site will lead to congestion, parking issues and additional parking on Teesdale and Weardale Roads.

“The nature of the occupiers will lead to anti-social behaviour, additional activity and disturbance detrimental to neighbouring occupiers and close to neighbourhood schools.

“The scale of the building and its design will lead to loss of light, privacy and outlook for neighbouring occupiers.”

The issues will be discussed at a Nottingham City Council planning committee meeting on March 22.

The authority has previously noted in planning documents the demand for supported living schemes is “continuously increasing”.

“Supported living allows these citizens to have independence and relieves pressure off residential care facilities, and in hand relieving pressure on the NHS from people ‘bed blocking’,” documents say.

According to planning officers the impact on residents is “acceptable”.

“The presence of support staff all indicate that the use would not be
detrimental to the living conditions of local residents in terms of anti-social
behaviour,” documents add.

If plans are approved Hockley Developments will also be providing a financial contribution of £48,000 towards off-site affordable housing, £16,800 towards open space improvements and an employment and training contribution of £4,600.

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