Protest march being organised to oppose closure of three Notts level crossings

Attenborough Nature reserve level crossing
Attenborough Nature Reserve's crossing is one of three proposed to shut. PHOTO: Network Rail

Attenborough residents are organising a protest march against plans to close three level crossings in the area.

Network Rail is proposing to shut the Attenborough Nature Reserve crossing at Meadow Lane along with the Long Lane and Barrat’s Lane No. 1 crossings in December 2016.

The move is part of plans to close at least 250 level crossings nationwide to improve safety.

But opponents say the closures will worsen access to the nature reserve and lead to long diversions for people living near by.

The march, happening on Wednesday (February 8) at 6pm, will take protesters from the Attenborough Nature Reserve crossing to Attenborough Village Hall, where Network Rail is hosting a drop-in session to discuss the proposals.

Organiser of the march Daniel Daykin, said he’s hoping at least 20 people will take part.

Residents are also angry about the planned closure of the Long Lane crossing. PHOTO: Network Rail

“It’s about the fact that people will be turning up, listening or being interested, that’s what matters,” he said.

“It’s helping to get people to get together as a group rather than walking into the village hall one to one.

“It shows a united message for Wednesday, where we’ll be hearing different options for the crossings and I assume proposals.”

Network Rail’s plans have been met with wide opposition on social media, with more than 800 people opposing the plans by becoming a member of the Facebook group disputing the changes.

Some of the concerns voiced include whether the closures will make nearby sites more vulnerable to fracking, whether people will be charged to get into the nature reserve and how long it will take visitors to make it into the nature reserve on foot.

Protesters will march against the closure of Barratt Lane No 1 as well as two other crossings. PHOTO: Network Rail

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” said Daniel.

“They’re saying they’re closing the crossings because so many people die on them, but the statistics show the opposite.

“In the last review of the crossings the two nearest to me, Attenborough and Long Lane, had one near-miss between both of them.

“So how can they say it’s an unsafe crossing if there’s only been one near-miss?”

Network Rail is reminding residents about the drop-in session between 3pm and 7.30pm.

Team members from Network Rail will be present to meet residents and discuss their proposals.

The organisation says the aim of its national level crossing risk reduction programme is to “close level crossings where possible to make the railway safer for both road and rail users, as well as communities living close to the railway”.