Nottingham pubs promote ‘Try January’ to counter non-drinking campaigns

Pubs and clubs in Nottingham are promoting ‘Try January’ encouraging people to try different drinks and food this month in a bid to tackle campaigns urging people to stay teetotal.

The name is a play on the words of Dry January, an annual campaign where people abstain from drinking any alcohol, which has become extremely popular all over the UK after overindulgence at Christmas.

The new initiative is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #TryJanuary and many Nottingham establishments are embracing the campaign.

Nicky Onorati, general manger of Bunker’s Hill pub in the Lace Market  said: “Its hard enough to drum up business as it is so I think its a good incentive to try and get people into the on trade businesses and try and give them a reason to come in. Hence why we are doing it with our newer products trying to get people to try something different and new.”

Bunkers Hill pub in Hockley are supporting Try January. They are  encouraging  people to try their new craft beers which will have 15p off for the rest of the month.
Bunkers Hill pub in Hockley are supporting Try January,  encouraging people to try their new craft beers.

“We have started to introduce craft lines into our venue so we have four craft pumps and fifteen to twenty craft products in bottles and cans so the offer is 15p off any craft products for the entire of January which we may extend if it goes well. ”

Mr Onorati said that although January is a slow time for business campaigns like Dry January have had an effect.

“We definitely notice a difference out of every ten people there is probably two people that are not drinking.”

“Doing Dry January if its for health reasons or if its just to save yourself a few quid after Christmas is great. However it can be done at any time of the year.”

“For us guys trying to survive in these times Try January is something that hopefully if it continues like the Dry January which has more and more people do it each year it will hopefully become a good thing in our industry and help us get those extra sales.”

City centre bar and restaurant Ned Ludd is another business that is promoting Try January.

Hear what bar manager, Tom Shooter had to say:

Alcohol Concern, the charity behind Dry January, did not comment of the new spin on their campaign by the pub industry but said:

“During the month’s holiday from booze, we urge people to think about their drinking and reflect on whether they have been drinking too much but to carry on with a normal social life. In fact, we positively encourage people to go to the pub, enjoy themselves but choose non-alcoholic beverages. However people tell us that there is not enough on offer for them.”

Cancer research have also launched a similar campaign called ‘Dryathon’ to help raise money for their charity.

A brewery in Nottingham welcomes ‘Try January’


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