Stan Collymore ‘to meet Forest owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi’ following fan protest

Video: Forest fans in protest on Satuday (Video: TheAdventurousVlogger)

Stan Collymore says he is meeting Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi in London on Tuesday to discuss the future of the club.

Collymore joined Forest Fans in protest on Saturday as Reds supporters showed their frustration at the current state of the club following the collapse of the John Jay Moores takeover.

And following the Reds 1-0 win against Bristol City at the City Ground, Collymore announced he would be meeting with Al-Hasawi later this week to state his case.

More than a 1,000 fans gathered in the Peter Taylor Stand car park with banners and placards voicing their concerns after a 24 hours over the previous weekend saw Philippe Montanier sacked and the Moores takeover fall through.

Reds fans raised £115 through a gofundme page to buy flyers and banners for the protest.

Forest fans in protest on Saturday (Picture: Total:NFFC)

Matt Ridyard, secretary of the Newark Branch of the NFFC Supporters’ Club attended the game with Collymore and said: “Hopefully Stan can get answers, right now Fawaz and John Jay Moores are exchanging statements but the fans deserve the truth.

“Maybe Stan can help get the information the fans are craving, Stan was criticised on Twitter about his motives but having spent hours with him you can see how much passion he still has for the club.”

Adam Wiklo of Forever Forest TV added: “You could say it’s almost embarrassing that Collymore, who only played for two years for us, has answered the call to take it into his own hands to help us.

“He’s not only offering help to us but to Charlton, Blackpool and Blackburn too, teams he has no association with, why aren’t more ex players getting involved.

“The way Collymore talks, he can definitely help and we will be forever grateful to him if Fawaz ends up listening and we turn a corner. ”


After trading statements with John Jay Moores last week Al-Hasawi released another statement on Saturday morning rejecting JMI’s statement as to why the talks fell apart.

Jonathan Walker of Total:NFFC said: “There was decent numbers at the protest. between 1,000 and 1,500, it got across a message to the owner that he has seen.

“Stan Collymore’s involvement won’t do any harm, Fawaz obviously took note of his social media rants against him and decided to meet him.

“It will be interesting to see what’s made from this in the coming days.”

And the protest’s message seems to have travelled across the the North Atlantic with MLB journalist Barry Bloom stating that Moores had reiterated his continued interest in Forest to him after the protest on Saturday.



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