Tax disc replacement could save lives, say police

Contact details and medical information on a new Emergency Contact Disc within side cars could prove vital information for a first responder at a road traffic collision.

The initiative, already adopted by Warwickshire’s and West Mercia’s Police services, has been backed by Nottinghamshire Police and would take the space left by the removal of tax discs.

The disc would include next of kin contact details and medical alert information for the driver and would give first responders vital information if the driver or their occupants were not able to communicate.


Branded Emergency Contact Disc

The disc can be placed in the remaining empty tax disc holder, with the information sections folding inwards so it cannot be viewed by passers-by.

What the Police think

PC Dave Wise, the West Mercia officer behind the idea, said: “The information within the disc could be vital to save lives or quickly locate a casualty’s next of kin, something that can be time consuming at the scene of a serious incident.”

He added: “If people have concerns about security of information, they can omit certain details and the information within the disc would give little or no information away that could aid potential criminals. Any slight risk is far outweighed by the benefits”.

PS Simon Blincow, of the Roads Policing Unit at Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This is so simple yet so effective. If there is ever a road traffic collision then the emergency services have some basic information about the driver and passengers and are able to make a better judgement about the incident.

“Although these discs are not compulsory, I think all drivers should have one in their vehicles as they hold important information that could help save their lives, or lives of their loved ones.”

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