Time to re-tune your TV or box if you watch Notts TV on Freeview

Some people will need to re-tune their Freeview box or TV in March to keep watching Notts TV.

Some TV channel signal frequencies in the East Midlands – including Notts TV – are moving around in March 2020.

We’ll still be on Channel 7 – but our signal is changing a bit so you might need to re-tune your Freeview box or Freeview-enabled TV to pick us up again.

Look for a ‘menu’ or ‘settings’ button on the remote. Sometimes it’s a spanner or tool icon.

Next select the ‘tuning’ menu, sometimes called ‘auto scan’, and go from there. You’ll need to re-tune or re-scan all your channels and it should only take a few minutes. You won’t break your device or TV and you won’t lose any channels.

Once it’s done switch to channel 7 again to see if you can pick us up.

If you need more information on how to re-tune visit the Freeview website.

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