Trams only travelling to The Forest and David Lane stops for third day in a row

Trams from Toton Lane and Clifton South can only go as far as The Forest.

Trams continue to be affected for the third day in a row with services only running to the David Lane and Forest stops because of damage caused to the overhead wires on the lines in Basford on Tuesday.

Trams on the line from Toton Lane to Hucknall, and those from Clifton South to Pheonix Park, can only travel to The Forest.

While trams from Hucknall and Pheonix Park can only travel to the David Lane stop.

Damage was caused to the arm on top of a tram, called the pantograph, connecting to the overhead wires which caused the tram to ‘fail’ and subsequent delays.

Trams cannot travel to the following stops: Beaconsfield Street, Shipstone Street, Wilkinson Street, Basford, Hyson Green Market and Radford Road.

Replacement buses run late into the night.

Services have been affected over the last two days and it is not known when they will be running back to normal.

Engineers are working to repair the damage.

Replacement buses are picking up from The Forest, Wilkinson Street, Bulwell and Pheonix Park.

And tram shuttle buses are travelling in a loop from David Lane and Hucknall.

NET, the company which runs the tram network, tweeted this morning to say East Midlands Trains are continuing to accept tram tickets on trains from Hucknall to Nottingham Station.

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