Two arrested after tram services delayed by vandal attacks


Two youths have been arrested after three trams had their windows smashed on Thursday night, causing delays across the tram network.

Nottingham Express Transit said the incident happened between Wilkinson Street and Basford, meaning the trams had to be taken out of services.

Trams were then diverted from other areas to help cope with the demand, causing more delays.

Passenger Mia Anderson, wrote on Facebook post: “The tram I was on around half an hour ago was hit by a stone a poor man had a panic attack as it hit the window next to his head and this has happened numerous times over the last few weeks, I don’t feel safe travelling anymore.

“There was a lady on the tram also whose hearing aids were affected by the loud noise, I don’t know how they work but she had to physically take them out and reset them, it’s disgusting.”

A Notts Police spokesman said: “An 18-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy have been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage to a tram.

“Police attended following reports of windows being smashed on the tram in Wilkinson Street, Whitemoor, just before 4.25pm yesterday, the arrested pair have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.”

A NET Spokesperson said: “Three trams suffered broken windows due to vandalism between our Wilkinson Street and Basford stops and had to be withdrawn from service.

“The police were called and we understand that two youths have been detained in connection with the incident. We will be assisting the police with their investigations.”

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