Two arrested as part of Nottinghamshire police crack-down on ‘legal highs’


Two men have been arrested as part of a police operation to crack-down on shops that trade in ‘legal highs’ across Nottingham.

‘Legal highs are not safe to take’ is the message from Nottinghamshire Police after it’s officers raided two premises in Radford that sell legal highs and other drug paraphernalia.

The operation is believed to be the first of its kind in the country and saw officers use powers recently introduced under antisocial behaviour legislation in a bid to prevent further sales of these substances. Police are able to issue Community Protection Warning letters banning the sale of “legal highs’. They can then seize any legal highs on sale.

Solar Eclipse, on Ilkeston Road, and THC: The Hood Clothing, on Alfreton Road were the two shops targeted by the operation – which was enforced in conjunction with Trading Standards.

During the crack-down, officers from Trading Standards seized a large quantity of legal highs – which are formally known as New Psychoactive Substances.

Do not tolerate

“By tackling businesses which sell drug paraphernalia we are sending a clear message to the community that we do not tolerate any association with the consumption of drugs,” said PC Tom Andrews of Nottinghamshire Police.

“Today’s action will reduce the easy availability of such items in the local community and those who trade in so-called legal highs and drug paraphernalia will know that we are prepared to act where we suspect criminal offences are being committed.”

The officers who attended Solar Eclipse arrested one man on suspicion of a firearm (section 5), supplying articles to facilitate the use of controlled drugs and possession with intent to supply controlled substances.

“We are sending a clear message to the community…”

PC Tom Andrews, Nottinghamshire Police.

A second man was then arrested from THC: The Hood Clothing on suspicion of  supplying articles to facilitate the use of controlled drugs, possession with intent to supply controlled substances and possession of an offensive weapon.

What are ‘legal highs’?

  • ‘Legal highs’ – which are more formally known as New Psychoactive Substances – contain one or more chemical substances which produce similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine or cannabis.
  • The substances are often new, and therefore are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and there is often not enough research about them to know their potency.
  • The products are sold often as incense, salts or plant food to get around the law – they are also marked as ‘not for human consumption’.

As part of the operation, a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police added: “The contents of “legal highs” are often unknown and often not fit for human consumption.

“These products have often not been tested for their effect on people and their make-up is often unknown, even to those who sell them.”

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