Two beggars convicted as Notts gets tough on begging

Two prolific beggars in Nottingham city centre have been convicted by Community Protection in a effort to reduce the amount of begging on the city’s streets.

Peter Biggins, 31, and Frank Hipwell, 47, have appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court,

Biggins, of no fixed address, appeared at court on April 10 on numerous charges of begging and breach of a CRASBO (Criminal Anti-Social Behavious Order), which was issued to him last year.

He recevied a 12-week custodial sentence.

Hipwell, of Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton, appeared at the magistrates’ court on April 13 on a further charge of begging in the city centre and also received a £440 fine.

He had received fines the month before for numerous begging charges.

According to Nottingham City Council, the majority of beggars are in fact not homeless and use good natured Nottingham citizens to make a living on the city’s streets.

Nottinghamshire Police Inspector, Paul Gummer, said the police are asking for people to work with them in changing how they support others.

He said: “These beggars repeatedly beg in Nottingham because they can make a lot of money from the generosity of the public- people need to know that they invariably use this money to feed their habit, whether that is alcohol or drugs.

“With our partners, we recognise that there are genuine people in need out there and we will work as hard as we can to help those individuals, but there are also people who are deceiving the public and preventing those in genuine need from getting the help they need and we intend to prosecute them.”

Charities such as Framework in the city help the homeless and anyone who genuinely needs help can get shelter if they have nowhere to go.

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