See inside Nottingham’s new interactive Robin Hood attraction

Video: How the interactive exhibits at The Robin Hood Legacy work

Nottingham has first city centre Robin Hood attraction – seven years after the last one closed its doors.

The Robin Hood Legacy opened on Monday offering visitors a walking tour of talking character models which brings the outlaw’s legend to life.

It is the first time an attraction has capitalised on his legacy since the closure of the Tales of Robin Hood on Maid Marian Way closed down in 2009.

The small centre on Friar Lane uses costumed mannequins with innovative animated talking faces to draw visitors into the legend.


Pictuure: Robin Hood, played by Adam Greenwood, welcomes visitors to the attraction

East Bridgford businessman David Ward set up the centre after being inspired by a family background in archery.

He said: “My parents were both archers and both were Midlands champions as members of Sherwood archers.

“Robin hood is the biggest legend in the world – wherever you go. From China, America, or any other country in the world, you mention Nottingham and they say ‘Robin Hood’.

“It was a crying shame that no visitor centre was available in Nottingham for him.”


Picture: Bow expert Barry Watson shows visitors the weapons used by the outlaw

A former cafe, the centre is hoping to attract visitors walking to and from the city centre and Nottingham Castle, which is planning a gallery featuring Robin Hood as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment.

As part of the attraction visitors can also look at exact replicas of Yew tree bows of the type which would have been used at the time of the outlaw’s adventures.

There is also a small gift shop and the attraction is open every day from 10am to 6pm, with adult tickets £9.95 and children and concessions £7.95.






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