WATCH: CCTV appears to show woman being hit by car prompting calls for improved Netherfield road safety

Video: Notts TV’s Hugh Casswell on Netherfield campaigners calling for improved road safety

Residents, businesses and councillors in Netherfield are calling for improved road safety after CCTV footage appears to show a woman being hit by a car.

The footage was caught on camera by Eight Barbers with footage showing bystanders going to help the woman; she was not seriously injured.

No arrests have been made as of yet with enquiries still ongoing.

Owner Bruce Baran saw the incident while cutting someone’s hair.

He said: “When I saw outside, I saw the lady on the road.

“Too many old people are leaving this area because it’s not safe for them; especially when school is finished too as you can see so many kids.”

There’s a strange configuration of crossings

Carlton East County Councillor Nicki Brooks thinks speeding traffic is a problem but believes Netherfield has a more specific problem than that.

She said: “There’s quite a strange configuration of three crossings that are very close together and a mini roundabout.

“I know that there are going to be the new brighter LED beacons going to be put in soon.

“I’m pushing for a date for when that work is going to start because I think that work needs to happen now; we can’t have accidents like this happening again.”


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