Watch: Forest’s European Cup winning legends reunite at City Ground

Video: Forest legends reunite at the City Ground

A number of the players from the squads that took Nottingham Forest to European glory nearly four decades ago reunited at the City Ground.

Legends Garry Birtles, Kenny Burns, John Robertson, Frank Clark and John McGovern all met at the home of Nottingham Forest ahead of the entire squads reuniting next month.

The players will be brought together at the Theatre Royal on Sunday October 29.

Garry said: “It’s fantastic to get back together and one thing about it is that we’re all still alive which helps!

“We don’t get together that often because everyone is scattered far and wide and when we get the opportunity it’s great to reminisce.

“It’s just like old times – we’re all old but you’re going back to when we were playing at the City Ground and it all morphs down into when we won European Cups.”

Kenny Burns thinks all the players are ‘happy chappies’ when they get back together.

He said: “We always had a smile on our faces and we had fun playing football.

“We still have the banter and have a lot of comedians there that take the Michael and that’s what it’s like – we’re all happy chappies.”

The Forest legends reunited at the City Ground

It’s not the two European Cups that make John Robertson most proud of his time at Nottingham Forest.

He said: “The record I’m proud of is going 42 league games undefeated and although that took more than a year and a half, it was a fantastic achievement.

“Winning the league was always Brian Clough’s idea of his bread and butter and what he wanted to do was always fantastic.

“It’s always nice to say you’ve played in a league winning team because it’s consistency that gets you through that.”

Frank Clark also looks back on winning the league with Forest as one of his fondest memories.

He said: “Highlights for me were winning the First Division and then going on to win the European Cup along with the two league cups at Wembley and Manchester United.

“Today has been really enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the night at the Theatre Royal at the end of October.

“It’s always good to see them all and get back together again.”

John McGovern offered insight into what people can expect when everyone is reunited.

He said: “People can expect a little bit of humour – occasionally someone like myself will imitate Brian Clough and try to tell a story they maybe haven’t heard before.

“In general, it will just be a good chat with the players and, as usual, we hope the fans enjoy it.”