Watch: Nottingham man, 62, going on ‘pensioner gap year’ world cycle ride

A 62-year-old Nottingham man has chosen to spend his retirement cycling around the world for charity.

Robert Cleave will be cycling 18,000 miles in what he calls his “pensioner gap year” in aid of two charities close to his heart, Cancer Research UK and Traid Craft.

Robert, from Bramcote, will be cycling through five continents alone, taking him around 18 months to complete.

Cycling 50 miles per day and visiting 25 different the journey will not only be a physical challenge for Robert, but a mental one too.

He said: “My kids say I’ve got the mind of a 20-year-old and the body of a 60-year-old.

“I think the hardest things, I suspect, will be the physical, my body being the age I am. Keeping that going. But also, the bike, the risk of that breaking down or something going wrong.

“In a way, it did cross my mind that people do this when they leave school or university. But being older, this is my pensioner gap year.”

He begins his journey on April 7 and is hoping to raise a lot of money for his courageous adventure.



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