WATCH: Nottingham man covers 24ft plum tree in 7,000 LED lights for Christmas!

Video: Notts TV’s Sharon Walia checks out the 24ft plum tree in its festive outfit

A Nottingham man has covered a 24ft plum tree in 7,000 LED lights as Christmas draws ever nearer.

The tree has been based on decorations Andy Black saw in a YouTube video of a similar tree in Minnesota, America.

It has been stopping traffic and passers by in its Basford home.

Mr Black said: “I’ve been long admiring the way that people from America have been decorating their trees and houses.

“It took 13 and a half hours with the help of my son and daughter.

“It was part of another project which involved pruning the tree so I thought I’m going to have a go at putting some lights on it.

“I got in touch with the person who posted the YouTube video to thank him for inspiring me.”