Watch: The Notts football league for fat-fighting players – three months on

Watch: Notts TV has been back filming the progrss of Man Vs Fat Football.

Notts TV has been back to visit a group of men fighting fat with football, three months after first filming the scheme.

Man Vs Fat Football is a five-a-side league is helping Nottingham men shed the pounds – by counting weight loss as part of the score.

Based at Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Bilborough, it is aimed at men with a Body Mass Index (BMI) – an indicator of size and health – above 27.5. over 25 is considered overweight.

The league helps players to lose weight by holding games every week and running a WhatsApp group for advice and support.

Actual goals only make up half the score for each team in a game – the other half is the collective weight loss of the team for the past week.

Player, Craig Davies who has lost 12kg with the league, said: “When I first started, I couldn’t complete a half, of a game, without being substituted, that’s how unfit I was.

“Now I’m completing full matches, everyday life is better, even walking up stairs I was getting tired, and everything like that is fine now.”


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