Watch: Notts trams go green to fund new Nottingham cancer services and charity nurses

Macmillian and NET turn Nottingham trams green (Picture: Macmillan)

Macmillian cancer charity and NET have paired up to raise £1million for people affected by cancer in Nottinghamshire.

The cancer charity have said they plan to invest the money in new cancer services and put more Macmillan nurses at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

To mark the start of the partnership, trams across the city went green on Monday (May 14) with NET staff, Macmillan volunteers and patients who have previously suffered from cancer launching the Macmillan’s £1million fundraising campaign.

Every year in Nottinghamshire, 6,151 people are told they have cancer with more than 28,000 living with the disease with the number expected to double in the county by 2030.

Video: Josh Appleyard was diagnosed with cancer five years ago.

Josh Appleyard, 23, from Nottingham, was diagnosed with cancer at the Queens Medical Centre five years ago and suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts.

He said: “I felt quite isolated and alone… there was no one to talk to.

“All the information I could find was centered towards children or adults.

“At the time I was 18, I was quite young and I didn’t think there was anywhere that I go to talk to.”

Video: Cancer charity Macmillan are urging Notts locals to donate

The three-year fundraising partnership will see NET staff take part in a range of fundraising activities including a seven-mile sponsored walk along the tram route.

Fundraising manager for Macmillan in Nottingham Tanya Taylor says the need to raise money has never been more urgent. “With more people being affected by cancer, the demand on our service is only going to get higher and higher.

“We want to continue to provide the medical, emotional and financial support. But we also want to invest in that future to make sure that when people receive that diagnosis.

“Right the way through their treatment, for as long as they need us, we are there to support them.”

Fundraising Manager for Macmillan Nottingham, Tayna Taylor and NET Marketing Manager, Stephanie Moss-Pearce (Picture: Macmillan)

NET Marketing Manager Stephanie Moss-Pearce said: “The charity recently opened a Macmillan information and Support Centre, to help people that are going through cancer and their families.

“It’s so easy to get into the QMC from the tram, so we thought it was a great link.

“We want to try and help raise awareness to our customers and raise some money, reaching their fundraising target of £1 million for Nottinghamshire.”

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