Watch: Old Market Square cordoned off and flooded with gunmen for film shoot

Video: Photographer Austen Blakemore captured the moment actors with guns took over 

Old Market Square and the Council House were taken over by armed men this morning – for an eye-catching film shoot led by local talent.

Key scenes from action film Heart of Chaos were shot from around 5am, featuring actors and crew from Nottingham’s Confetti Institute of Creative Technology and New College Nottingham.

The movie, which is being made and shot in the city, stars former Royal Marine-turned actor and stuntman Adam Collins, from Wollaton.

The film is being co-directed by Adam Collins and Luke Radford, who is also a tutor at Confetti, and is using local film crew staff, locations, and actors.

Early passersby on Thursday were able to watch Adam ride a dirt bike through the square up to the Council House entrance, whilst being shot at by three members of a stunt team.

Heart of Chaos is due for release later this year.

Pictures courtesy of Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Austen Blakemore Photography


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