WATCH: Stuart Pearce’s playing comeback for non-league team

The one-game playing comeback of Forest legend Stuart Pearce has been captured in a stirring online video.

Left-back Pearce, now 53, played a game for non-league Longford AFC in Gloucestershire on Sunday to generate support for the grass roots game.

Pearce announced last month he was briefly coming out of retirement as part of a plan to improve the club’s form and get more people into the amateur game.

He played a second half for the side on Sunday – and his appearance was captured in a video made by an insurance company.

Stuart pearce comeback non league club
Pearce was first unveiled by the club in January

Longford had been labelled ‘the worst team in England’ after shipping almost 200 goals in 20 games this season and remaining winless throughout that run.

Pearce, who has 78 England Caps, created a number of chances from set pieces but his side still lost – going down 1-0 to Wotton Rovers.

His involvement still created a huge buzz around the club and got a big reaction on social media.

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