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Whilst the domestic market has been huge in America for decades the British market is only just beginning to identify the benefits of having a water cooler at home.

You’ll no longer have to carry heavy water from the supermarket, no longer run out of delicious spring water and critically you’ll be contributing massively in reducing your family’s plastic footprint and the need for single-use plastic bottles nationally and worldwide.

Why not compliment your water cooler with refillable tracker bottles for your family. By choosing tracker bottles you’ll not only be improving the health of your loved ones by encouraging hydration, you’ll also be improving the health of our environment.

In the UK alone, 13 billion plastic bottles are used once and thrown away each year.  This number can be greatly reduced simply by using a water cooler at home and refilling your own tracker bottles instead of buying a single-use plastic bottle every time you want to enjoy a refreshing drink of spring water.

By using a water cooler at home a family of 4 could reduce their single-use plastic bottle waste by up to 5,200 bottles a year. It’s also cost effective, renting a cooler costs about the same as purchasing one coffee a week.

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