Weather warning: Severe winds expected in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire will be bracing itself for gale force winds this weekend after the Met Office issued a severe weather warning for the region.

Forecasters expect winds of up to 70mph to affect areas in the county on Saturday.

As a result of two Atlantic storms parts of Scotland will be most affected, though gusts will descend into central regions of the UK.

The coming winds, which should dissipate by Saturday evening, could pose a threat to highways and cause power cuts.

Ian Wheeler, a spokesperson for Nottinghamshire County Council, said that the highway team will be on standby to clear any branches, trees or debris in the road.

He added: “We will wait for reports, and as soon as we hear anything, we’re ready to go.

When it’s windy we regularly get calls to remove the odd branch or two.

Nottinghamshire was last affected by severe winds around two years ago, in January 2012.

Traffic was also disrupted due to flooding on the A52 and a fallen tree in Stapleford.

Gusty storms left more than 900 homes without power and Western Power had engineers out in force to resolve all issues.

Michael Clarke, press officer for Western Power, said the company has measures in place to make sure the storms are managed.

He said: “We have additional staff on standby as well as in our control and call centres.

“This is so we can manage the network if there are disruptions.”

Western Power will be constantly monitoring the weekend’s weather and urge anyone whose power service is affected by the storms to call 0800 6783 105.



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