What has The Elf on the Shelf been up to in Nottingham homes?

Sarah Tyson's Elf has been busy!

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas elves arrive in our homes and get up to all kinds of mischief.

The popular picture book The Elf on the Shelf tells the story of Christmas Elves that arrive in homes to keep an eye on whether children are behaving in the run up to the big day.

The book has now gone viral with people posting pictures of their elves on social media in different poses around their homes.

Notts TV has been asking for pictures of Santa’s little helpers in Notts’ homes and the response has turned up some interesting pictures!

Here is a selection of the pictures featured on the Notts TV Facebook page.

Shirley Smith sent this one in of Sparkle the Elf who, visiting for the first year, has got herself into a rather sticky situation.

Sarah Lee has been hung out to dry by Charlie the Elf, back in the house for a second year.

Angela Andrew caught this Elf RED handed enjoying a drink on his time off.

Arran Kimbley sent this picture in of the frosty reception Elsa gave this unlucky Elf.

Colleen Jacklin posted this picture and said: “It’s made my kids Christmas count down so special, it takes two minutes to do. So glad I’ve done it this year.”

The situation is getting heated in Flash Taylor’s house.

To see more pictures visit the Notts TV Facebook page.