All Nottinghamshire constituency results in full as Conservatives left with one MP

How the political landscape in Nottinghamshire has changed
By Joe Locker, Local Democracy Reporter

The Conservative Party has been left with just one Nottinghamshire MP after suffering a thumping defeat both locally and nationally.

With leader Sir Keir Starmer now at the helm, Labour successfully ousted Ben Bradley in Mansfield, Brendan Clarke-Smith in Bassetlaw, Sir Mark Spencer in Sherwood Forest, Darren Henry in Broxtowe and Ruth Edwards in Rushcliffe.

It was a historic night in some constituencies, with Rushcliffe turning red for the first time in 54 years.

Their strong majorities in 2019 were left in tatters after disenfranchised voters took to the polls on July 4, and the Conservative vote was left fragmented.

Only the Conservative Party’s Robert Jenrick kept his seat in Newark, albeit with a vastly reduced majority.

Nigel Farage’s Reform UK has been cited as one reason for the significant Conservative losses, particularly in Nottinghamshire, including by Mansfield’s former MP Mr Bradley who said it had “massively hurt our chances”.

Reform’s Lee Anderson retained his Ashfield seat with a 5,509-vote majority.

He had defected from the Conservative Party having been suspended for claiming “Islamists” had “got control” of the mayor of London.

On top of winning six seats from the Conservatives, Labour retained its strong grip on the three Nottingham constituencies, in what was a landmark General Election that has had a profound change on the county – and country’s – political landscape.

Ben Bradley folds his arms after losing Mansfield seat to Labour's Stephen Yemm (LDRS)
Ben Bradley folds his arms after losing Mansfield seat to Labour’s Stephen Yemm (LDRS)

Below are all constituency results in full:


Turnout: 58 per cent

Electorate: 68,929

Majority: 5509

Lee Anderson (Reform): 17,062 (E)

Alexander Coates (Green): 1,100

Daniel Holmes (Lib Dem): 619

Rhea Keehn (Lab): 11,554

Debbie Soloman (Con): 3,271

Jason Zadrozny (Ash Ind): 6,276


Turnout: 57.61 per cent

Electorate: 78161

Majority: 5768

Brendan Clarke-Smith (Con): 12708

Rachel Sara Reeves (Green): 1947

Helen Tamblyn-Saville (Lib Dem): 1996

Frank Ward (Reform): 9751

Jo White (Lab): 18476 (E)


Turnout: 66.7 per cent

Electorate: 70,440 

Majority: 8403

Juliet Campbell (Lab): 19,561 (E)

James Collis (Lib Dem): 3,807

Dr John Doddy (Ind): 1,034

Darren Henry (Con): 11,158

Teresa Needham (Green): 3,488

Joseph Oakley (Reform): 8,402

Maqsood Syed (Workers Party of Britain): 388


Turnout: 63.5 per cent

Electorate: 77,006

Majority: 11,881

Dominic Berry (Green): 3122

Simon Christy (Reform): 8211

Tad Jones (Lib Dem): 2473

Irenea Marriott (Ind): 241

Michael Payne (Lab): 23278 (E)

Tom Randall (Con): 11397


Turnout: 55 per cent

Electorate: 74,535

Majority: 3485

Zen Bilas (Ind): 85

Ben Bradley (Con): 12563

Peter Michael James Dean (The Socialist Labour Party): 423

Wesley Milligan (Ind): 335

Karen Rachel Mary Seymour (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition): 123

Philip Shields (Green): 1326

Matt Warnes (Reform): 9385

Michael Wyatt (Lib Dem): 799

Steve Yemm (Lab): 16048


Turnout: 67.25 per cent

Electorate: 80028

Majority: 3,572

Michael Ackroyd (Green): 2345

Saj Ahmad (Lab): 17,396

Adrian Charles Amer (Ind): 809

Matthew Darrington (English Democrats): 156

Lyn Galbraith (Ind): 329

Robert Jenrick (Con): 20,968

Robert Palmer (Reform): 8,280

Collan Siddique (Workers Party of Britain): 150

David Watts (Lib Dem): 3026

Nottingham North and Kimberley

Turnout: 48 per cent

Electorate: 73,768

Majority: 9427

Sam Harvey (Green): 3351

Caroline Henry (Con): 6787

Golam Kadiri (Reform): 7053

Alex Norris (Lab): 16480 (E)

David Reuben Schmitz (Lib Dem): 1336

Nottingham South

Turnout: 51 per cent

Electorate: 64255

Majority: 10,294

Shaghofta Naz Akhtar (Ind): 449

Paras Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain): 1496

Lilian Greenwood (Lab): 15579 (E)

Mykel Hedge (Reform): 4936

Christina Morgan-Danvers (Lib Dem): 2059

Zarmeena Abdul Quraishi (Con): 5285

Dr Mohammed Sayeed (Ind): 152

Cath Sunderland (Green): 2923

Nottingham East

Turnout: 53 per cent

Electorate: 69395

Majority: 15,162

Issan Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain): 2465

Ali Khan (Ind): 372

Johno Lee (Con): 3925

Rosey Palmer (Green): 4332

Anita Prabharkar (Lib Dem): 1741

Naveed Rashid (Ind): 494

Debbie Stephens (Reform): 3578

Nadia Whittome (Lab): 19494 (E)


Turnout: 73.22 per cent

Electorate: 79,160

Majority: 7,426

Ruth Edwards (Con): 17,865

James Grice (Reform): 6,353

Lynn Irving (Ind): 549

Richard Mallender (Green): 4,367

James William Naish (Lab): 25,291 (E)

Harbant Kaur Sehra (Ind): 186

Greg Webb (Lib Dem): 3,133

Sherwood Forest

Turnout: 62 per cent

Electorate: 78,894

Majority: 5,443

David Dobbie (Lib Dem): 1838

Sheila Greatrex-White (Green): 2216

Helen Rose O’Hare (Reform): 11320

Mark Spencer (Con): 13398

Jeremy Paul Spry (Ind): 183

Lee Waters (Ind): 864

Michelle Welsh (Lab): 18841 (E)

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