All the Nottinghamshire candidates standing in the General Election

Polling stations for the General Election will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, July 4

General Election candidates have been confirmed for all eleven constituencies in Nottinghamshire.

Voting will take on Thursday, July 4 to determine which party can form the next Government. Nominations closed on Friday (June 7), meaning the full list of who is standing is now fixed.

The Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Reform UK and Green parties are all contesting every seat in Nottinghamshire.

Independent, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, English Democrat and Workers Party of Britain candidates are also standing in some areas.

Voters in Mansfield and Newark seats have the most candidates to choose from with nine each, while those in Bassetlaw will select between five.

See the full list of candidates below (alphabetical by surname):


Lee Anderson (Reform)

Alexander Coates (Green)

Daniel Holmes (Lib Dem)

Rhea Keehn (Lab)

Debbie Soloman (Con)

Jason Zadrozny (Ash Ind)


Brendan Clarke-Smith (Con)

Rachel Sara Reeves (Green)

Helen Tamblyn-Saville (Lib Dem)

Frank Ward (Reform)

Jo White (Lab)


Juliet Campbell (Lab)

James Collis (Lib Dem)

Dr John Doddy (Ind)

Darren Henry (Con)

Teresa Needham (Green)

Joseph Oakley (Reform)

Maqsood Syed (Workers Party of Britain)


Dominic Berry (Green)

Simon Christy (Reform)

Tad Jones (Lib Dem)

Irenea Marriott (Ind)

Michael Payne (Lab)

Tom Randall (Con)


Zen Bilas (Ind)

Ben Bradley (Con)

Peter Michael James Dean (The Socialist Labour Party)

Wesley Milligan (Ind)

Karen Rachel Mary Seymour (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition)

Philip Shields (Green)

Matt Warnes (Reform)

Michael Wyatt (Lib Dem)

Steve Yemm (Lab)


Michael Ackroyd (Green)

Saj Ahmad (Lab)

Adrian Charles Amer (Ind)

Matthew Darrington (English Democrats)

Lyn Galbraith (Ind)

Robert Jenrick (Con)

Robert Palmer (Reform)

Collan Siddique (Workers Party of Britain)

David Watts (Lib Dem)

Nottingham North and Kimberley

Sam Harvey (Green)

Caroline Henry (Con)

Golam Kadiri (Reform)

Alex Norris (Lab)

David Reuben Schmitz (Lib Dem)

Nottingham South

Shaghofta Naz Akhtar (Ind)

Paras Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain)

Lilian Greenwood (Lab)

Mykel Hedge (Reform)

Christina Morgan-Danvers (Lib Dem)

Zarmeena Abdul Quraishi (Con)

Dr Mohammed Sayeed (Ind)

Cath Sunderland (Green)

Nottingham East

Issan Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain)

Ali Khan (Ind)

Johno Lee (Con)

Rosey Palmer (Green)

Anita Prabharkar (Lib Dem)

Naveed Rashid (Ind)

Debbie Stephens (Reform)

Nadia Whittome (Lab)


Ruth Edwards (Con)

James Grice (Reform)

Lynn Irving (Ind)

Richard Mallender (Green)

James William Naish (Lab)

Harbant Kaur Sehra (Ind)

Greg Webb (Lib Dem)

Sherwood Forest

David Dobbie (Lib Dem)

Sheila Greatrex-White (Green)

Helen Rose O’Hare (Reform)

Mark Spencer (Con)

Jeremy Paul Spry (Ind)

Lee Waters (Ind)

Michelle Welsh (Lab)

Registering to vote

You can only vote if your name is on the Register of Electors. You may need to update this if you have never voted before, moved house or changed your name since the last election.

This can be done online before 11.59pm on Tuesday, June 18.

People aged under 18 can register as long as they turn 18 by polling day.

Voters will be asked to show photographic ID at polling stations, such as a passport, driving license, blue badge or an Older Person’s Bus Pass.

If you don’t have this, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on Wednesday, June 26.

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