Billy Fury’s Tornados storm into Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

Billy Fury’s Nottingham based touring band the Fury’s Tornados are coming to the Royal Concert Hall with their show “Halfway to Paradise – the Billy Fury Story.”

All original members will perform with Colin Gold (playing as Fury) whilst Billy Fury himself will join them on a giant film screen behind the band.

Fury’s Tornado’s were originally a band from Nottingham and were picked by Billy to perform with him throughout the 70’s.

Billy Fury & Furys Tornados - Billy,Charlie Elston,Chris Raynor & [seated] John Raynor 1974Image: Billy Fury and Fury’s Tornados in 1974, Credit: (TREVOR SIMPSON, ELVIS: THE BEST OF BRITISH)

Billy Fury was Britain’s own Elvis, with his mighty good looks he stormed the charts with 29 hit singles including “Last Night Was Made For Love” and “Halfway to Paradise” which spent over half a year in the charts.

During the 1960’s he sold more singles for Decca than the Rolling Stones, and scored more hit 45’s in the 60’s than The Beatles.

The rock and roll icon died back in 1983 at the age of 42 (the same age Elvis was when he died).

To keep his legacy alive his Tornados found a replacement for Fury – Colin Gold.

Colin was originally spotted on TV’s ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ performing as Billy Fury. Two weeks after the show he was asked to help keep the memory of Fury alive by performing with the Tornados.

Fury’s Tornados will be performing a theatre show ‘Halfway To Paradise – The Billy Fury Story’ with Colin Gold as Fury himself.

Video: Colin Gold And Fury’s Tornados performing ‘Wondrous Place’ from the show

The band will be appearing on the 6:30 show on Monday 2nd March, make sure you tune in to find out more about what it was like performing with Billy Fury.

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