City centre hotel closed down after ‘more than 100’ incidents and crimes reported

The Stage Hotel, Gregory Boulevard, has been ordered to close by a court. (Photo: Google)

A Nottingham hotel is being closed down by Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police after it was the scene of more than 100 reports of crime and other incidents.

The council served a 48-hour closure notice on The Stage Hotel on Gregory Boulevard, Forest Fields, on Tuesday (June 26) due to “significant” concerns over “criminality, nuisance and anti-social behaviour”.

The notice, served on Tuesday (June 26), uses powers within the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, and stopped anyone except the owners, people working or living there or existing fee-paying guests from entering.

The effect of the notice was to prevent any new fee-paying guests being admitted, the council said.

The council followed this by applying for a three-month closure of the premises to at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, supported by Nottinghamshire Police.

The court granted this second order, which will take effect from 4pm on Friday, June 29, at which point everyone will legally be required to leave.

The court was told between November 2015 and May 2018 more than 100 “incidents of concern” linked to the hotel had been recorded.

Council staff and police say criminal activity has included sexual offences, child sexual exploitation, assaults, domestic violence, public order offences, theft, drug related offences and other anti-social behaviour.

The council said it felt there was “no alternative” to the order because agencies had already worked with management to try to improve the situation, with no success.

Remaining guests will be vacated pn Friday and the council then expects the owners to board up and secure the site. An independent security firm approved by the council will be appointed to monitor the building while it is closed.

Council Portfolio Holder for Community Protection, Toby Neal, said: “There have been growing concerns about activity in and around The Stage Hotel, and working with the police, we’re pleased to have secured this closure order from the court.

“It will disrupt the significant criminal activities that were underway on the premises, as well as reducing nuisance for neighbours and increasing the safety of the victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“Nottingham City Council is committed to tackling all forms of anti-social and criminal activity and ensuring that those who manage hotels and similar premises understand their responsibility and accountability for behaviours that take place on their premises. Robust action will be taken in cases where those responsibilities are not met.”

Neighbourhood Police Inspector Rob Wilson said: “The Stage Hotel has been the location of a large number of incidents including serious crimes, nuisance and antisocial behaviour over the past three years.

“Together with the council, we’d tried working with the owners but insufficient change has been made. I’m pleased that it will now be closed as I believe Nottingham will be safer without it in business.”

Under the law, anyone breaching the order without reasonable excuse commits a criminal offence.

Notts TV was unable to contact management at the Stage Hotel for comment.


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