Colouring book featuring iconic Nottingham landmarks created by university graduate

Video: Lissie Hollis talks about her Nottingham-inspired colouring book, Fine Lines

A colouring book featuring some of the city’s most iconic landmarks is being created by a University of Nottingham graduate.

Lissie Hollis, 22, came up with the idea after attending an American summer camp, in Pennsylvania, where she worked with children to create a colouring book.

Lissie Hollis pictured with her drawing of the Robin Hood statue.

The architecture graduate worked on a number of drawing projects while studying towards her degree and, after her experience in America, decided to produce a colouring book based on Nottingham landmarks.

Nottingham Old Market Square, drawn by Lissie Hollis.

It will include more than 20 drawings – including of the Robin Hood statue, Old Market Square, Wollaton Hall and the city’s iconic caves.

A depiction of the famous Robin Hood statue.

Lissie, of Frederick Grove, Lenton, plans to release the book, called ‘Fine Lines’, in the spring.

She said: “There’s so much hype surrounding colouring books at the moment; people are really interested.

“At the moment, I’ve got Wollaton [Hall] and then I’ve picked some other ones to do with Nottingham’s heritage and history: the castle and the caves.

“[I’ve drawn] the University of Nottingham and I’m hopefully going to do Nottingham Trent University. I’ve drawn Old Market Square and the classic Robin Hood statue, which Nottingham is known for.

“And then maybe some other ones that people haven’t heard of like Green’s Mill, in Sneinton.”

Lissie Hollis’ drawing of Nottingham Castle.

Fine Lines will include information about each landmark to inform people of Nottingham’s rich history and culture.

Wollaton Hall.

Lissie didn’t draw until she started university – where she discovered fine line art. She has previously appeared at an art festival in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Station Street.

Lissie also hopes to turn her drawings into post cards and aims to release a series of colouring books focusing on other cities and towns in the UK.

“I think if it’s successful that would be the idea,” Lissie said, adding: “I’ve branded it as ‘Fine Lines’ and hope to do different versions.

“If this works out I’ll branch out and do other cities – and maybe do Derby because I know a bit about Derby as well.”

Map of Nottingham.
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