Colwick Lake closed due to high algae levels

Eddie Curry

Colwick Lake is off limits due to uncommonly high algae levels, threatening a number of open water swimming events.

In the midst of a heatwave, the people of Nottingham may well be looking to Colwick Lake as a chance to cool off, they will however be disappointed as it is closed due to algal bloom.

The lake, which is part of Colwick Country Park is closed to bathers until blue-green algae levels have dropped to a consistently safe standard.

The Environmental Agency has run tests showing the water quality in Colwick Lake was well below the danger zone but consumption of the algae can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing problems.

According to Eddie Curry, Head of Parks and Open Spaces at Nottingham City Council, the problem is starting to subside and the lake could re-open within the next couple of weeks.

He said: “We are aware that there is a community of open water swimmers and tri-athletes that regularly attend sessions here and they are very disappointed that they can’t use Colwick Lake at this moment in time.

Hopefully the open water swimming events will be able to take place in July and August, because there was a worry about them having to be cancelled.

Eddie Curry, Head of Parks and Open Spaces, Nottingham City Council.

Eddie also wanted to reassure anyone concerned about the wildlife at Colwick Park that the animals in the lake are perfectly safe.

He said: “At this level it has very little effect on the birds and the fish, they are used to getting down into the water. They aren’t at risk until there is a thick, horrible smelly blanket in the water.”

Although the lake is closed, there are no barriers around it to prevent people entering the water but there are numerous signs dotted around the park.

Video: Eddie Curry outlines the problems using the water could create.

Eddie Curry was keen to warn people not to use the water unattended and to refrain from using it until Nottingham City Council have given it the all clear.


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