General Election 2017: Conservative candidates announced for Mansfield and Nottingham South

The Conservative Party has annouced Jane Hunt as its candidate for Nottingham South and Ben Bradley for Mansfield.

The Conservative party has announced its Mansfield and Nottingham South candidates for the June 8 General Election.

Jane Hunt, 50, has been re-selected as the party’s candidate for Nottingham South and Ben Bradley, 27, has been chosen to fight Mansfield.

Mr Bradley is currently the Conservative Group Leader at Ashfield District Council and will contest the seat against Labour veteran Alan Meale.

Election- Mansfield Candidate Alan Meale
Alan Meale has been Labour MP for Mansfield for almost 30 years.

Speaking about his selection, Mr Bradley said: “I want the very best for North Nottinghamshire because my wife and I are bringing up two young children here, like many other local families.”

Mrs Hunt previously contested for the constituency of Nottingham South at the previous General Election but lost out to Labour MP Lilian Greenwood, who is defending the seat this time around after winning a 6,900 vote majority in 2015.

Mrs Hunt has been re-selected as the Conservative candidate by party members.

She said: “I am over the moon to be given the opportunity once again to become the Member of Parliament for Nottingham South.

“I already have a track record as a local campaigner including for patients wanting reduced QMC car parking costs and Clifton and Wilford residents who suffered from the tram works.”

Other parties are yet to announce candidates for the seats.

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