Dogs to be banned from Nottingham play areas and nature reserves

Video: How the bans will work across Nottingham

Dog owners could be fined for walking their pets in parts of some Nottingham parks in a council bid to clamp down on dangerous animals and irresponsible owners.

Dog walkers could also be asked to present poo bags to prove they are planning on picking up after their dogs, or face £70 penalties.

Nottingham City Council will use Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) to enforce the changes after bringing in the rule on Tuesday.

It comes after a rise in reports of people being attacked and bitten by dogs, and Notts Police say they received 331 calls about incidents involving animals in 2015.

A report on the move said: “The problems are often caused by irresponsible dog owners allowing their dogs to intimidate citizens in Nottingham and ‘run amok’ within the urban areas.

“The complaints range from dog faeces being left on footpaths, the smell and even serious diseases that can be conveyed which can result in blindness.”

Orders will ban dogs outright from nature reserves, areas of special scientific interest, and children’s play areas within parks.

Fines of £70 could be issued to owners by community protection officers under PSPOs if a dog is caught fouling or in a restricted area.

Dogs will still be allowed to roam general park areas – but the orders will also give community protection officers the power to demand owners put their pets on a lead if they feel it is necessary.



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