EasyJet confirms it is opening ‘several’ budget coffee shops in Nottingham

EasyCoffee will sell coffee for £1 in 'several' outlets around Nottingham. Image: EasyCoffee

Budget airline EasyJet has confirmed it will open ‘several’ coffee shops in Nottingham.

The chain EasyCoffee, founded by entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, will sell coffee for just £1 along with a selection of cold drinks, breakfast foods and snacks.

Larger cups of coffee will be available for £1.60, which would be less than most of the lowest priced coffees in outlets around the city.

The company first revealed in November that it was interested in opening a branch in Nottingham but only said ‘more than one’ shop was planned.

EasyCoffee now revealed over 300 people are interested in opening a franchise in the city.

The branch will follow its three existing EasyCoffee outlets in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and Covent Garden and Leicester Square, London.

The company hopes to open a further 200 around the country this year.

Franchise manager Scott Randels said: “We are actively looking for sites in the city centre although nothing has been secured yet.

“We have had a lot of interest and hope to open several branches in Nottingham.

“Currently there are no specific locations or dates set but we hope to announce our roll out plan in the next few months.”

The announcement has caused concern among local cafes who think the £1-a-cup coffee may affect their business.

Sir Stelios hopes to open a further 200 around the country this year. Image: EasyCoffee

Lucy Giacone, director of The Specialty Coffee Shop, on Friar Lane, said: “It will have a great impact on us and many other businesses in the city.

“As a new company we already struggle with competition from other outlets.

“We sell high quality coffee and offer some varieties that no one else sells – hopefully people will soon realise that better quality costs more and will go elsewhere.”

Tres Gretton-Roche, owner of Wired Café on Pelham Street, agrees that customers will pay more for good quality.

She said: “Cheaper coffee is already available – but it tends to be lower quality, lower grade coffee.

“The whole idea of coffee culture is not about the cost – it’s about knowledge, experience and enjoying a beautifully crafted cup of coffee.

“Paying less can compromise the taste hugely – it’s much better in a place where they care about the customer.”

Costa Coffee is also set to open a new branch on Goldsmith Street this month.

The outlet will be their eighth store in the city centre.


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