Eddie Izzard calls for more Notts young people to join EU Referendum debate

Video: Eddie Izzard talks to Hugh Casswell about why he is supporting remain

Eddie Izzard was in the city yesterday as he spoke to students as part of the Remain in Europe campaign – and says young voters will be hugely important in the outcome of the June 23 referendum.

The comedian took time away from his mammoth charity runs to chat to students at the University of Nottingham about the upcoming vote.

Izzard, 54, is visiting 31 cities in as many days to try to ensure younger people go out and have their say.

He said: “Above all, I think all Brexit people still want everyone to register for the vote. They do want everyone’s point of view put out there. They might be more worried about younger people registering because younger people are a lot more positive about Europe and you can see that.”


When asked if he believes the remain campaign would be doomed without the votes of 18-24 year olds, Izzard was optimistic and said that he believes the result will be tight.

He added: “I think the result will be close and very down to the wire and if more young people are registered and are voting and are positive then it will go more the other way.”

eu_referendum_specialWatch: A special EU Referendum edition of the Notts TV Debate will broadcast on Tuesday, June 21 at 9pm and Wednesday, June 22 at 8pm on channel 7 on Freeview, Sky 117 and Virgin 159 


The Government extended the deadline to register to vote in the referendum for 48 hours to midnight on Thursday after technical problems meant thousands missed out online before the original deadline on Tuesday night.

But just how much does Britain’s role in the European Union matter to the young voters? According to the students that attended Izzard’s lecture, quite a lot:

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