Experts to study why Nottingham loves brewing beer

Robin Hood Beer Festival, Nottingham Castle

University experts are running a five month study into why Nottingham loves producing and drinking beer.

A research team is aiming to understand how small-scale brewers have been leading the way in the fight ro revive the flagging pub industry.

The team, based in the Nottingham Trent University‘s School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, will investigate why brewers are so successful despite intense competition from both national and global competitors.

The idea is to identify the factors that drive beer development in Nottingham

Geography lecturer Dr Jan Semmelroggen said: “The idea is to identify the factors that drive development in Nottingham with regards to craft beer consumption, local beer production and to understand its ramifications for the local pub economy.

“As well as looking for ideas which can help to regenerate the dwindling local pub industry, the project is also linked with important neighbourhood regeneration.”

Pint of Beer

The study will also consider the overall scale and scope of craft beer consumption in Nottingham, specifically in the city’s new specialist craft beer pubs.

The last three years have seen new venues such as Brew Dog, Hockley, and the Crafty Crow in Friar Lane offering real ales and craft brews, while older pubs have widened their offerings to cater for changing tastes.

The team will also look at why pubs spring up in certain areas, as well as how customers are choosing where to sup.

Researcher Dr Marcello Di Bonito added: “Our analysis and findings will illustrate the ‘geography’ of this vital industry and cultural stream.

“The use of maps and cartograms (mapped trends) will help interpret complex and fascinating new trends with regards to beer consumption in the region.”

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