See inside Notts Cold War plane – and you could help restore it

It was once part of a crucial line of defence at a time when Britain’s very existence was under threat during the Cold War.

But now the Avro Shackleton at Newark Air Museum has seen better days – and air heritage experts have opened it up to the Notts TV cameras in a bid to get help in restoring it.

The distinctive aircraft flew with the RAF for nearly 15 years – patrolling British waters and keeping an eye out for signs impending submarine attacks.

Now it is part of the museum’s extensive collection, but staff say¬†they need volunteers to help bring the plane back to its former glory.

More people are needed to help with a campaign to give it its first major restoration and paint job in two decades.

It will be very special to have it restored again

Howard Heely from the museum said: “It was used for maritime patrol going out looking for submarines but also for search and rescue missions.

“This version of it came into use in 1957 and this one flew with the RAF right up until 1971. All the Shackleton’s underwent major upgrades during their service life and this one probably spent nearly two years of its life at the Avro facility which was down at Langar.

“It’ll be very special to have it restored again. I’ve been privileged to meet over the years a number of people who have flown on this aircraft.

“Some of them aren’t with us any more and I know a lot of them will be looking down pleased to see what we’re doing with it.”

Careful work is needed – for every hour of painting, about five hours of preparation work have to be done to help protect the plane and give the best finish.

Anyone who is interested is asked to contact the musuem.


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