How to follow the General Election 2017 across Notts TV

Video: A sneak peak at Notts TV’s June 9 Election 2017 show opening sequence

Nottinghamshire could decide where the balance of power swings in Westminster on June 8 – and Notts TV is covering every key issue, candidate and bacon sandwich blunder on television, our website and social media.

The city and county is home to several constituencies considered to be wide open in the battle for votes.

You can keep up to date with the campaign with our constituency reports on Notts Tonight and at

Every development in Notts will be covered across TV, online and social.

In the build-up every area has been profiled, and we’ve interviewed every single one of the 55 people across 11 constituencies hoping to become an MP come results day on Friday, June 9.

There’s a dedicated category and mini-site on our website where you can follow what’s happening.

Here you can read about why the candidates think they’re worth your vote, and watch video interviews with every single one.

Who will run this place by Friday night, June 9? Picture: Jim Trodel

As the votes are cast and then counted when polls close on Thursday evening, we’ll have reporters covering every single Nottinghamshire constituency, bringing you the results as they happen in our live blog, with pictures and video also on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Then on results night we’re going LIVE on Friday (June 9) from our city centre studio, when our special election reaction programme begins at 5.30pm, for two hours, followed by a special election edition of the Notts TV Debate.

Follow what’s happening with our in-depth interviews and analysis.

As your local channel Notts TV is the ONLY place to get live TV studio reaction, interviews and analysis from every Nottinghamshire constituency in a momentous day for British politics.

So follow us online, on social media and on Freeview channel 7, Sky 117 and Vrigin 159 as history is made in the city and county.

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