Four cats found living in squalor at house in Nottinghamshire

Four cats were found living in these conditions at a house in Clifton (Picture: RSPCA)

A man and a woman have been banned from keeping animals for three years after four cats were found living in squalor at a Clifton house.

Tony Peck, 41, and Helen Peck, 52, both of Southchurch Drive in Clifton, were sentenced on Friday (May 11) at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to three Animal Welfare Act offences.

They pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the four cats by failing to treat flea infestation and two of failing to meet the cats’ needs by failing to provide a suitable environment and failing to provide adequate pest control.

The court was told the RSPCA was contacted by a member of the public who raised concerns about conditions the cats were living in.

A warrant was obtained by the police after the RSPCA was unable to gain access to the property to check on the animals’ welfare.

RSPCA inspector Susan Hammond and the police entered the house on Southchurch Drive on January 18 and were shocked at the conditions.

One of the rooms had 300 empty cans of cat food in (Picture: RSPCA)

Inspector Hammond said: “Two of the cats were in one bedroom and the remaining two were in a separate bedroom – both rooms had faeces and urine everywhere and the smell was incredibly strong.

“One of the rooms had approximately 300 empty cat food tins in it and it is lucky that these tins didn’t injure the cats.

“There were flies everywhere and the cats were riddled with fleas.

“The conditions they were living in were far from ideal – not only was it filled with rubbish, but there was little ventilation and light.

“Both Tony and Helen Peck knew the cats had fleas but rather than seeking vet treatment, they tried to treat this themselves using lemon juice and olive oil – an idea they had got from the internet.

“Keeping animals in these conditions is not acceptable, nor is it OK to try and treat your pets yourself using advice from the internet instead of taking them to a vet.

“These poor cats were covered in fleas and suffered as a result.”

The four cats – tortoiseshell Minnie, tabby Hettie, ginger cat Ollie and cream cat Logan – have now been signed into the RSPCA’s care where they will be put up for rehoming.

While they have been banned from keeping animals for three years, Magistrates gave Tony and Helen Peck permission to keep two budgies.

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