General Election 2017: All the candidates standing in Nottinghamshire

Britain goes to the polls on June 8 after Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap General Election.

Parliament has now been dissolved, meaning technically there are no MPs – only candidates.

And with the deadline for registering as a candidate having passed on May 11, everyone who is standing has now been confirmed.

Nottinghamshire has 11 constituencies across the city and county. Here’s who’s standing where and for which party.


Bob Charlesworth, Liberal Democrats
Gloria De Piero, Labour Party
Tony Harper, Conservative Party
Arran Rangi, Green Party
Gail Turner, Independent
Ray Young, UK Independence Party


Leon Duveen, Liberal Democrats
John Mann, Labour
Annette Simpson, Conservative
Nigel Turner, Independent


Tim Hallam, Liberal Democrats
Fran Loi, UK Independence Party
Greg Marshall, Labour Party
Pat Morton, Green Party
Anna Soubry, Conservative Party


Carolyn Abbott, Conservative Party
Vernon Coaker, Labour Party
Rebecca Connick, Green Party
Robert Swift, Liberal Democrats
Lee Waters, UK Independence Party


Ben Bradley, Conservative Party
Alan Meale, Labour Party
Sid Pepper, UK Independence Party
Anita Prabhakar, Liberal Democrats
Philip Shields, Independent


Xandra Arundel, UK Independence Party
Robert Jenrick, Conservative Party
Chantal Lee, Labour Party
David Watts, Liberal Democrats

Nottingham East

David Bishop, Elvis and The Yeti Himalayan Preservation
Kat Boettge, Green Party
Robert Hall-Palmer, UK Independence Party
Barry Holliday, Liberal Democrats
Chris Leslie, Labour Party
Simon Murray, Conservative Party

Nottingham North

Stephen Crosby, UK Independence Party
Tad Jones, Liberal Democrats
Kirsty Jones, Green Party
Alex Norris, Labour Party
Jack Tinley, Conservative Party

Nottingham South

Lilian Greenwood, Labour Party
David Hollas, UK Independence Party
Jane Hunt, Conservative Party
Adam McGregor, Green Party
Tony Sutton, Liberal Democrats


Kenneth Clarke, Conservative Party
Matthew Faithful, UK Independence Party
Richard Mallender, Green Party
David Mellen, Labour Party
Jayne Phoenix, Liberal Democrats


Stuart Bestwick, UK Independence Party
Mo Findley, Green Party
Mike Pringle, Labour Party
Mark Spencer, Conservative Party
Becky Thomas, Liberal Democrats


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