Houses targeted for gold jewellery across Nottingham

There have been six targeted robberies of gold jewellery across Nottingham in the last week.

Three masked men forced their way into a woman’s  home on Bramcote Lane, Wollaton on Monday (January 5) threatening both her and her young son.

They stole a safe containing gold jewellery and passports along with cash leaving the victims unharmed but extremely distressed by the intrusion.

Since then five other unoccupied homes have been targeted and it is believed theft of gold jewellery is the motive behind the incidents.

On Tuesday afternoon (January 6) a conservatory window in Trowell Road, Wollaton, was smashed and a significant amount of jewellery was stolen from inside.

Similarly on Wednesday Bramcote Drive West in Beeston was targeted with large amounts of cash and gold jewellery was stolen.

Stephen Lees, Main Buyer at Cash Generator on Angel Row said: “Gold has probably been targeted because it’s not so traceable as technological goods.”

He says that there has bee no change in the price of gold in recent weeks to prompt these robberies and that the price of gold has remained steady for several months.

Police have increased patrols in the area while detectives carry out an investigation.

Residents are encouraged to ensure doors are always locked, burglar alarms are activated and jewellery and other valuable items are  kept out of sight.


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