How much your council tax is likely to go up by in Nottinghamshire

Council tax

Many authorities across Nottinghamshire are planning to put council tax up as high as possible from April.

They are now in the process of setting their budgets and council tax rates for the new financial year, which is the 12 months from April.

Inflation and the rising cost of services remain a key concern for councils and other public bodies.

All local households pay a precept in their annual council tax bills, of about 15 per cent of the total, to both Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The rest of the bill depends on whether you live in Nottingham city or Nottinghamshire county.

In the city, Nottingham City Council will take the remaining 85 per cent, because it is a ‘unitary’ council which provides all services for that area.

For residents outside the city, Nottinghamshire County Council will take around 75 per cent of bills.

The other 10 per cent in the county goes to the household’s local district or borough council.

The city and county council are both entitled to raise council tax by up to 4.99 per cent as they provide care services.

The lower tier councils can raise by up to 2.99 per cent.

While council purses are stretched by inflation and greater demand for their services, many – but not all – are planning on using the maximum increases.

Nottingham City Council

Loxley House in Nottingham, where the city council is based
Loxley House in Nottingham, where the city council is based

Nottingham City Council is in the greatest financial distress of any Nottinghamshire council, having effectively declared itself bankrupt.

The current proposals would see council tax for its residents rise by a full 4.99 per cent.

However, the government can give permission for an additional increase in exceptional circumstances, as it’s done for Birmingham City Council with 10 per cent and Croydon Council with 15 per cent.

Nottingham council has confirmed it has asked about this as part of emergency measures to balance its budget, but nothing is confirmed.

An answer is expected from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities next week.

The final budget would then be set at a full council meeting on Monday, March 4, with members either accepting or rejecting the measures offered by the government.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Over the River Trent at County Hall, the county council says it will be able to balance its budget for the next two years.

It is proposing a rise of 2.84 per cent plus a two percent rise for a second charge, the Adult Social Care Precept, for a total of 4.84 per cent.

The Cabinet has recommended this rise, and it will be decided by full council on Thursday, February 22.

Ashfield District Council

Ashfield residents are set to pay 2.94 per cent more than the previous year.

Cabinet approved this on Monday (February 20), with leader Councillor Jason Zadrozny (Ash Ind) saying the increase will be less than £4 for most residents.

The full council is expected to approve it on Monday, March 4.

Mansfield District Council

Mansfield residents will likely pay 2.99 per cent more as part of a budget set last month, which also signed off on £2.2m of cuts.

The final decision will come before the Labour-controlled full council on Tuesday, March 5.

Newark & Sherwood District Council

Budget papers for Newark and Sherwood District Council propose residents will pay 2.99 per cent more from April.

For the three-quarters of households which are Band A to C, this will be a rise of £5.66 or less.

It will then go before full council on Thursday, March 7.

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Rushcliffe Borough Council is proposing the lowest increase in Nottinghamshire at 2.55 per cent.

It claims the overall tax burden will be in the lowest quarter of the UK.

This is partly down to the Conservative-led authority being debt free, and therefore not impacted by an increase in interest rates on borrowing.

Full council will be asked to make a final decision at a meeting on Thursday, March 7.

Broxtowe Borough Council

Budget documents for Broxtowe Borough Council suggest a 2.94 per cent rise is on the cards.

This is expected be finalised at the full council meeting on Wednesday, March 6.

Gedling Borough Council

Gedling residents will likely be asked to pay 2.988 per cent more.

Budget papers say that it expects to continue increasing council tax at the maximum threshold for the next few years, unless funding from central government improves.

Both Cabinet and full council will meet on Tuesday, February 21 to agree the rates.

Bassetlaw District Council

Bassetlaw residents will pay 2.99 per cent more to help meet the expected budget shortfalls for the next five years.

That is set to be approved be the full council on Thursday, March 7.

Nottinghamshire Police

The precept to pay for Nottinghamshire Police is set by the Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry (Con).

She appeared before councillors earlier this month, asking for their backing to raise it by 4.8 per cent.

She argued the public is willing to pay more to keep the force properly funded, and that freezing tax during uncertain times would have been financially irresponsible.

Councillors agreed with the proposal, and a final decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

All Nottinghamshire residents are expected to be asked to pay an extra 2.95 per cent towards the fire and rescue service from April.

The proposals will be discussed with city and county councillors on Friday, February 23.

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