HS2 ‘could cause journey times between Nottingham and Derby to be 14 minutes longer’

Video: How HS2 could lengthen some journey times between Derby and Nottingham

HS2 could make some journey times between Nottingham and Derby 14 minutes longer because the Toton stop will lengthen the route, according to a campaign group.

HS2 is a bullet train that will be able to travel at 200mph designed to shorten commute times to and from London.

Because it will stop at Toton, other train routes in the area will stop there as well increasing the train times for some journeys, including the one from Derby to Nottingham and vice versa.

The Toton stop will be the only train station HS2 stops at in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.

The Nottinghamshire station is planned for Toton Sidings, highlighted, between Toton and Beeston. Image: Google.

Chair of Notts Campaign for Better Transport David Thornhill said: “The local service between Nottingham and Derby has got to be diverted to get to Toton so it’s a little bit out of the direct route.

“The train has to reverse into Toton station and that adds time on so we are talking of an extra 14 minutes to have this diversion and reversal.”

Some trains between Nottingham and Derby will stay running to current timings.

HS2 says journey times will reduce dramatically overall and inter-city services between Nottingham, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester will double once the line is complete.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has previously said: “HS2 is an ambitious and exciting project and we must seize the opportunity it offers to transform our country for future generations.”

Nottingham train station

Mr Thornhill said: “Although it’s an issue having these journey times extended, it doesn’t apply to every train.

“There will still be express trains between Nottingham and Derby so we’re talking of the whole package of trains which connects into HS2.

“Other trains may be extended by a few minutes as well – it’s only part of quite a complex package of how you deliver connectivity to Toton.

“The plans for HS2 develop and people will have very different ideas – even without HS2, the routes will change.

“I suspect what we’re talking about today compared to five or 10 years time could be something very different.”

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