Watch: People travelling to Notts from all over the country for viral kebab

Video: The road trip to track down the Notts feast

People from all over the United Kingdom have been travelling to Nottinghamshire to have a £15 kebab that went viral on social media.

A Facebook video of chips, cheese, doner and chicken served in a 12 inch pizza box, now called The Double Decker, from Chip Inn in Huthwaite has gone viral with more than two million views.

Owner Megan Altinoz said it all came about because of a customer request.

Video: The viral Facebook post

She said: “We’ve got a regular customer who came in and has a house special, which is mixed kebab, chips, salad and pitta bread.

“She asked if we could do it bigger because I want to share it after we’ve had a drink, that sort of thing.

“So we put in a pizza box and I thought, we’ll have a laugh with it, film it and put it on Facebook.

“We woke up the next morning and I think 35,000 people had viewed it – it literally went viral overnight!”

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