In Pictures: Mansion in Wollaton Park grounds left in disrepair by Euromillions winners

Front entrance from south-west (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)

A £1.2m mansion with Heritage Asset status in the grounds of Wollaton Park left in a state of disrepair by its Euromillions-winning owners could be knocked down.

The house on Adams Hill, Derby Road, was bought in 2012 by Euromillion lottery winners Matt and Cassey Topham from Stapleford after they won £45m.

They had planned to build a £5 million futuristic eight-bedroomed ‘Teletubby-style’ house in its place.

However this has since been abandoned due to costs tripling.

The mansion has since been vandalised and set alight and is boarded up with tall security fences which surround the property.

For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited have submitted a new planning application in Mr Topham’s name for the demolition.

Front elevation from south-west (Photo: For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)
Front entrance (Photo: For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)
Side entrance adjoining double garage (Photo: For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)
Rear aspect overlooking Wollaton Park (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)
View from the north-west (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)
General dereliction (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)

A planning statement from For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited to Nottingham City Council said: “The owner of the site lives away from the City, and has no desire to occupy the property in either its former purchased state.

“It is in a state of decline and in poor condition and albeit of aesthetic, limited historical and architectural value due to its uniqueness, is in a state of disrepair.

“Since the grant of the permission [of the Teletubby house] and the more than tripling of the build costs, a series of other schemes have been brought to the Council with the view of obtaining permission for an alternative development.

“Unfortunately, none of the schemes presented have received informal officer support for various reasons, that are ultimately irrelevant now given this fresh approach.”

General dereliction (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)

For-Ward Planning Consultancy say looking at the replacement is still in the early stages.

General dereliction (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)

A heritage statement said: “We are at a very early stage in the process of discussions relating to a replacement scheme.

“Evidently, it was one of the earliest properties developed along Adams Hill, and at the time it was developed, very few dwellings existed.”

“There is a commitment to replace the property, but it must be understood that any scheme of replacement must be financially viable, and whilst not a direct concern of planning needs to be a concern of the site’s owner.

“Nevertheless, this will not, and does not require the quality of any replacement scheme to be a pastiche, or watered down version of this prevailing character.

“Moreover, it must be of a standard befitting its neighbours, the setting and its location, and given the conservation area status, promote the mandate to ‘preserve or enhance’.”

General dereliction (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: “The current application is seeking approval to demolish in advance of a replacement development.

“We are keen to see action taken on the site and are in discussion with the applicant’s team regarding the new development.

“We have also, with the police, been advising the owners on how best to keep the site as secure as possible.”

Ornamental pond and fountain in the front garden which is now overgrown (Picture For-Ward Planning Consultancy Limited)