IN REVIEW: Notts classical singer Carly Paoli lays bare on debut album ‘Singing My Dreams’

Picture: Carly Paoli


Mansfield classical singer Carly Paoli reflects upon her journey to the stars on her debut album ‘Singing My Dreams’.

While achieving complete immersion throughout with impeccable atmosphere, Carly tells the story of her journey to make her dreams a reality.

However she is not afraid to share her deeper, darker thoughts and experiences she has encountered along the way.

Carly’s incredible control and range is showcased immediately on the opening track ‘Music of Heaven’ which eases into the album.

One of the lead tracks ‘The Mystery of Your Gift’ is the one that sticks in the memory long after the album finishes.

The song focuses on a journey into the unknown but the potential hurdle is tackled with excitement and optimism.

Video: Carly Paoli performing some of the songs off her new album (Credit: Carly Paoli)

‘Almeno Tu Nell’Universo’ ramps up the intensity and is much more vocal led than the opening tracks.

It offers a variation to the established formula because the song ends on a crescendo without bringing the level back down – it shows again Carly is comfortable exploring the unknown.

Her collaboration with world-renowned Spanish tenor Jose Carreras on ‘En Aranjuez Co Tu Amor’ is a masterpiece with both vocals complementing each other perfectly; each know instinctively when to harmonise and for how long with the other.

‘Ave Maria’ offers the first sign there is trouble in Carly’s world at the midpoint of the album which is then developed in ‘After Loving You’, the darkest track on the album.

Complete helplessness is established with heartbreak and a fear of not being able to love anyone like the person who has left.

These two tracks feature aptly at this stage as it now feels as though there is a struggle to achieve the dreams after working so hard, coming so far and overcoming the unknown.

Picture: Carly Paoli

Hope is quickly re-established on the back of this but now with a wariness of what could happen, enforced with the live track ‘Se Tu Fossi’.

Carly kicks it off with her incredibly strong vocal and does not let up throughout – it’s a welcome and confident touch to include a live track on the album.

‘A Time for Mercy’ feels like an acknowledgement to what is going on in the world at the moment as she calls out for help which also acts as realisation to her personal circumstance.

It’s a powerful track with the album finishing on ‘Memory of You’, summarising Carly’s journey while still keeping focused on that dream.

It’s obvious how much of Carly is in this album, how much it means to her and the importance of documenting her journey.

Whether the tracks are live or produced in the studio, there is no denying Carly’s quality is incredible and her autobiographical debut album will leave a lasting impression.