EU Referendum REPLAY: How Notts and the UK backed Brexit


Nottinghamshire played a key role in the vote for Britain to leave the European Union – with seven out of eight local areas backing Brexit.

Here’s how all the local and national developments unfolded on our live blog.

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08.48 Correction – figures show final Notts vote including the city was 58 per cent Leave, 42 per cent Remain

08.24 Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he is resigning and will stand down before the Conservative Party Conference in October.

07.45 Our calculations show the overall total for Nottinghamshire was Leave 63 per cent, Remain 37 (Leave 430,628 votes, Remain 252,386 votes)

07.21 FINAL NATIONAL RESULT: Total Remain: 16,141,241 Leave: 17,410,742 or Leave 51.9 per cent, Remain 48.1 per cent

07.14 There’s a mood of acceptance among Remain campaigners, but also one of forboding. No-one can dispute there is an air of shock for many politicians this morning and what happens next, economically and legally, is hugely uncertain.

06.54 Some percentages for you: Bassetlaw: Leave 67.8 per cent, Remain 32.2 per cent, Newark & Sherwood: Leave 60.4, Remain 39.6, Rushcliffe: Leave 42.4, Remain 57.6, Nottingham: Leave 50.8, Remain 49.2, Broxtowe: Leave 54.6, Remain 45.4, Ashfield: Leave 69.8, Remain 30.2, Gedling: Leave 55.6, Remain 44.4, Mansfield: Leave 70.9 Remain 29.1

06.34 As we work on bringing you full percentages and totals for Notts there is talk of a statement this morning from the Prime Minister. Bassetlaw Labour MP John Mann, who backed Leave, has called on David Cameron to resign.

06.26 Nationally there are still four results left to declare, but the outcome is not in doubt. Although the official announcement won’t come until every result comes in, figures recorded so far mean there is no chance of a Remain victory.

05.28  Broxtowe’s Conservative MP Anna Soubry, who campaigned vocally in favour of Remain, says it’s a ‘dreadful’ outcome

05.02 As the Bassetlaw result comes in, John Mann, the only Nottinghamshire MP to support Leave, echoes the sentiment that some voters have supported the ‘out’ cause because they feel the union has too much influence on Britain

04.42 BASSETLAW RESULT: LEAVE full result is 29,672 remain and 35,754 leave

04.39 Broxtowe’s official figures were 29,672 remain and 35,754 leave

04.34 GEDLING RESULT: LEAVE 55.6 per cent to 44.4 per cent. Votes = Leave 37,542 v Remain 30,035

04.30 We’ve been talking to Nottingham City Councillor and Remain campaigner David Mellen, who says he believes a leave result would be ‘catastrophic’ in the short-term for the economy.

He said: “To be honest yes, I am surprised by the result in Nottingham. I think some people feel hard done by – but it’s not the EU’s fault. If they feel that way because their benefits have been cut or because it’s difficult to get good housing – it’s not because of the EU.”

04.22 Nottingham Leave campaigner and UKIP member Francesco Lari says Nottingham voted narrowly to leave because working class voters feel ‘let down’ by the European Union and ‘mainstream political parties’

04.16 Newark & Sherwood’s official full result was Remain: 26,571; Leave: 40,516


04.12 Here’s how Nottingham’s result was announced

03.45 RUSHCLIFFE FINAL RESULT: REMAIN The results for Rushcliffe are Remain: 40,522 Leave: 29,888

03.39 Final result for Nottingham city is Remain: 59, 318 Leave: 61,343

03:37 NOTTINGHAM CITY RESULT: LEAVE Nottingham city has voted narrowly to leave the European Union

03:27 As leave pulls back into the lead nationally a result for Nottingham city is now moments away

02:58 Nationally the Remain vote pulls slightly ahead for the first time at 51 – 49. Breathtakingly close at this stage

02:32 NOTTS TURNOUT FIGURES IN We now have our full set of turnout percentages for Notts: Nottingham city turnout: 62 per cent, Broxtowe 77, Rushcliffe 83, Gedling 77, Ashfield 72, Bassetlaw 75, Broxtowe 77, Mansfield 73, Newark & Sherwood 77

02:25 Some more turnout figures here; Nottingham city is 61.82 per cent, Broxtowe 77.3 per cent

02:13 With an early lead, there’s a notable surge in confidence from Leave campaigners while the Remain camp, looks, frankly, a bit nervous right now. Matthew Faithful of UKIP East Midlands tells us he thinks Leave will win in Nottingham

02:06 Gedling Borough has recorded a turnout of 77 per cent. Nationally with 37 out of 382 areas returned leave has a slight lead with 53 per cent to 47 per cent.

01:38 Good morning and welcome. We start, earlier than billed, with news that turnout in Rushcliffe is, as expected, high at 81.56 per cent.

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