Man making all football league grounds out of Lego finishes City Ground model

A Lego replica of the City Ground made by Chris Smith (Picture: @brickstand)

A man making all English football league and Scottish Premiership football ground replicas out of Lego has just finished a version of the City Ground.

Lego enthusiast Chris Smith, 32, is creating all 92 league grounds and has already recreated famous grounds such as Wembley and Hampden Park.

Chris started the project in 2014 and has just posted on his Twitter page a Lego version of Nottingham Forest’s City Ground.

A view of the Trent End of the City Ground Lego replica (Picture: @brickstand)

He said: “Out of the 92 stadiums, the City Ground is the 44th – people have requested other stadiums and I’ve made a few non-league grounds so I’ve made around 60 in total.

“The City Ground one I’ve made could be a surprise for someone I think as a birthday present.

“I’d been working on it for about three weeks on and off because I design it as I go along and I run out of bricks all the time; it’s not like it happens in just one go.

“I’m a Crystal Palace fan and I’ve only been to the City Ground once, which was in the early 90s when Lars Bohinen was playing for the Reds – I think it may have been a 1-1 draw.”

Chris had to move the project out of his home and create the models in a studio because of the space he was taking up.

He said: “It seemed like a good idea to make all of the stadiums when I started and three years on I’m not even halfway there.

“The idea is to give each one that I make to someone because I have nowhere to store them.

“It started on the kitchen table but then I got kicked off of there so had to get my own studio to make them just down the road from where I live in Altrincham near Manchester.”

A Lego replica of the Meadow Lane (Picture: @brickstand)

Chris made a replica of Meadow Lane around two years ago and said it was one of the more complex ones he has made.

He said: “I built one of the stands and I didn’t like it so I then pulled it apart and started again which meant two or three hours have gone.

“It took a bit longer to get some of the bricks too because the colour of the lettering in the stands is in a rare Lego colour.

“I spend over £150 per model and charge around £300 for each one to cover the costs and then be able to afford a few bricks for the next one.

“It’s not really a money maker but it is a creative venture.”