Notts woman overcomes severe learning difficulties to raise thousands of pounds for charity

Video: Teegan began fundraising for charity three years ago.

A Nottinghamshire woman has proved anything is possible by helping to raise thousands of pounds for charity, despite having severe learning difficulties.

Teegan Hughes, from Mansfield, began fundraising three years ago after losing both of her grandfathers to cancer.

The 30-year-old was diagnosed with a complex learning disability when she was five and is currently awaiting a full autism diagnosis – although her family say it is clear she has the condition.

Teegan has overcome problems with socialising to become a full-time volunteer and regularly organises charity events, including coffee mornings where she sells homemade cakes in her mother’s kitchen, and takes part in the annual Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

Teegan hopes to raise money for the PDSA this year after the charity cared for her Greyhound Foxy when she had her leg removed.

Teegan says she has always loved animals and enjoys raising money for animal charities.

Last year she raised £650 for Jerry Green Dog Rescue and has two rescue dogs herself.

She said: “Both dogs have three legs. Fudge was dropped as a puppy, and Foxy was rolled on by her mum.

“I love my dogs because they make me happy.”

She hopes to raise money for the PDSA this year after they cared for her Greyhound Foxy when she had her leg removed.

Teegan enjoys fundraising for charity and has two rescue dogs which both have three legs.

Her sister Eleanor Sherwood works with people who have learning disabilities and says having a focus like fundraising can help to deal with the condition.

She said: “Some people find it as a good way to express themselves because they don’t know how to just say it – they have to do something instead.

“Once they find that focus it’s a lot easier for them to fit into society – the focus keeps them on a high instead of feeling depressed that they are autistic.”

Teegan takes enormous pride in her two rescue dogs, Fudge and Foxy.

Teegan’s mother Tina Sherwood helps with the fundraising and is hoping to arrange two charity events this year, including a race and a live music event.

She said: “There’s no reason why Teegan shouldn’t have opportunities and try things and do things as much as everybody else, that’s what we’ve always believed.

“She is one of the most caring people you could ever wish to meet and takes enormous pride in herself and her dogs.

“Through her fundraising and volunteering she has shown that everything is possible.”

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