Millions of pounds planned for improving cycling and walking routes in Nottingham

One of the roads which will benefit from the works in St Ann's (google)
By Anna Whittaker, Local Democracy Reporter

Millions of pounds in grant funding will be used to improve cycling and walking routes in Nottingham.

Nottingham City Council has been granted more than £3.3m which will be used in St Ann’s, Basford and Leen Valley on roads and pavements.

A total of £2.2m from the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Active Travel Fund will be used to create a cycling corridor and pedestrian improvements along St Ann’s Well Road.

“This corridor has been prioritised as it serves the north and east of the city where cycling provision is currently lacking compared to other areas”, documents published ahead of an Executive Board meeting stated.

The sustainable transport charity Sustrans will also provide the council with £451,980 for the Lincoln Street scheme in Basford, and £651,219 for the Beechdale Road junction with the ring road scheme.

The funds from Sustrans will be used to ensure cyclists are segregated from traffic and improve connections to the National Cycle Network routes.

Council documents published ahead of the meeting stated: “Delivering high-quality, sustainable, green transport will enable Nottingham to become a resilient city that is able to cope with and tackle climate change.

“By improving the liveability of our local neighbourhoods and creating healthier streets that are co-designed with our communities, our residents (both young and old) will benefit from a smarter, cleaner, better-connected and forward-looking transport system, all designed to make Nottingham a better place to live, work, play and invest.”

Council documents show that from the initial public consultation, safe infrastructure for cycling and walking are “wanted within the communities where this investment will be made”.

The proposed schemes will be designed to complement the public transport network and will improve “the look and feel” of the communities where the works are planned.

Further consultation will be carried out with the public, local businesses and councillors before the plans go ahead.

Councillors will discuss the plans during the Executive Board meeting on June 21.

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