Nottingham City Council leadership team chosen alongside new Mayor and Sheriff

The new Nottingham City Council executive team and new Mayor and Sheriff
The new Nottingham City Council executive team and new Mayor and Sheriff
By Joe Locker, Local Democracy Reporter

The leadership team at Nottingham City Council has been chosen alongside a new Lord Mayor and Sheriff.

Before the May 4 election, 19 city councillors officially stood down from their positions, with some overseeing portfolios on the council’s executive.

Executive councillors make decisions relating to the council’s functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the council, and hold greater responsibilities and control over transport, education, housing and planning.

A number of new executive councillors were chosen in March 2022, and during the first Full Council meeting since the election another shake-up took place.

During the meeting on May 22, Cllr David Mellen (Lab) was appointed leader of the council for another four years, while Aspley’s Cllr Carole McCulloch was elected as Lord Mayor.

Cllr Shuguftah Quddoos, who represents Berridge, became the first Asian woman to be chosen as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Speaking of the appointments, chief executive of the council, Mel Barrett, said: “I’d like to congratulate all councillors who were elected to represent wards in the city in the local elections held on May 4, and particularly welcome 22 new councillors to the council.”

Cllr Mellen added: “I am very pleased to return as the leader of Nottingham City Council and look forward to working with the new executive team of councillors.

“I’m sure the new Sheriff and Lord Mayor will serve Nottingham well.

“There is no doubt that the next year will continue to be challenging.

“However, I would like to begin this new electoral term with hope for the many new and exciting developments that will happen in Nottingham.”

Cllr Andrew Rule, who was formerly a Conservative Party member before his re-election as an independent, has now formed an official opposition group alongside the three councillors representing the Nottingham Independents.

The opposition group will consist of Cllr Rule, who represents Clifton West and is independent of any political group, as well as Clifton East’s representatives Cllr Kevin Clarke, Cllr Maria Watson and Cllr Kirsty Jones.

He told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “We’ve formed a group in the interest of a stronger opposition.”

A full breakdown, following Full Council on May 22, is below:


Dales councillor, David Mellen (Lab), was again selected as leader of the council.

Cllr Mellen first took charge of the authority in 2019 upon the resignation of Jon Collins, who had held the position for 16 years.

Cllr Mellen was first elected on to the council in 1995, and has subsequently served as an executive councillor for more than a decade.

All Labour Group councillors voted for his appointment as leader, while Cllr Rule, independent, and Cllr Clarke, Cllr Watson and Cllr Jones, of the Nottingham Independents, abstained.

Deputy Leader

Bestwood councillor Audra Wynter has taken over from Cllr Adele Williams as the deputy leader.

Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture (formerly Leisure, Culture and Planning)

Lenton and Wollaton East councillor Pavlos Kotsonis will continue to oversee the portfolio, having led work to reopen Nottingham Castle.

The castle is now in the hands of the city council, after the Nottingham Castle Trust announced it was to be liquidated in November last year.

Cllr Kotsonis worked to reopen the castle, which will open its doors to the public on June 26 at a cost of £12 annually for unlimited access.

Portfolio Holder for Energy, Environment, Waste Services and Parks (formerly Energy, Environment and Waste Services)

The position was held by Sally Longford, who represented the Lenton and Wollaton East ward, until she announced she would be stepping down.

She had worked as the deputy leader of the council from May 2019 up until April 2022.

Overseeing the environment portfolio, she helped push Nottingham on an “ambitious journey towards environmental sustainability”, according to Cllr Mellen, including work to help the city reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2028.

The portfolio has been renamed as Energy, Environment & Waste Services and Parks and will be overseen by Cllr Corall Jenkins, who represents St Ann’s.

Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Planning (formerly Highways, Transport and Parks)

Cllr Audra Wynter will cease to act as the Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Parks.

Cllr Angela Kandola, for the Berridge ward, has now become the Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Planning

Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health

The position was held by Basford councillor Linda Woodings, who will continue to hold the position going forward.

Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Safety and Inclusion

Cllr Neghat Khan, who represents the Dales ward, has stepped down from her role overseeing the portfolio.

Cllr Sajid Mohammed, who represents Mapperley, will now oversee the portfolio.

Portfolio Holder for Housing (formerly Housing and Human Resources)

The portfolio was held by Berridge ward councillor Toby Neal, who stepped down as a councillor.

Cllr Jay Hayes, who represents Bestwood, will now oversee the newly-named Housing portfolio.

Portfolio Holder for Skills, Growth, Economic Development and Property (formerly Skills, Growth and Economic Development)

The portfolio was held by Bilborough councillor Rebecca Langton, who has since stood down from her role as a councillor.

The portfolio has now been renamed as the portfolio for Skills, Growth, Economic Development and Property.

It will be held by Wollaton West’s Cllr Steve Battlemuch.

Portfolio Holder for Finance

The position was held by Sherwood councillor Adele Williams.

Deputy leader Cllr Wynter will take over the role.

Portfolio Holder for Children, Young People and Schools

Bulwell Forest councillor Cheryl Barnard held this position and will reprise the role.

Lord Mayor

The role formerly belonged to Wendy Smith, who was elected to the Bilborough ward in a by-election in 2013, having previously worked as a teacher.

She also provided the very first voiceover for the Nottingham tram announcements.

She has since stood down as a councillor, and from her civic role as Mayor, which she held since March 2022.

Cllr Carole McCulloch will take her place.


Nicola Heaton became the Sheriff of Nottingham in March 2022, having represented The Meadows as a councillor since 2011.

Cllr Shuguftah Quddoos will take her place.

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