Nottingham roller derby team’s first British Championship win

Nottingham’s roller derby team, the “Hellfire Harlots” have had their first win in the Roller Derby British Championships.

Playing against old rivals, Hot Wheel Roller Derby from Leeds, the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots were  considered underdogs at the event held in Manchester.

However, after a nail-biting game with several lead changes the Harlots finished up the winners with a final score of 172-166.

Launched this year, the British Championships are Europe’s largest interleague tournament with 72 leagues in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland taking part.

The Harlots are currently in Tier 2 but they are working hard to be promoted to Tier 1 – the premiership of the roller derby world.

Team captain, Elke Dickson says:

“This is the first professional UK league structure for roller derby and we’re proud to be part of these exciting times for our sport.”

“Winning our first game has been a massive boost for the team.”

What is roller derby?

The basic premise of the game is similar to the old British playground game Bulldog except on roller skates. Teams score points when the “jammer” laps the other team.

How many people are in a team?

There are two teams of 14 players who both field up to five members for two minute “jams”, who both skate simultaneously counter-clockwise on a circuit track.

What are the players roles?

There are 3 main roles:

  • The Jammer: Scores points by lapping opposing team members and has a star on their helmet
  • Blocker: Hinders the opposing jammer by preventing them passing through the pack and assists their team’s jammer round the track.
  • Pivot: The pivot is a blocker who can be converted into a Jammer during the course of a game for a tactical advantage.

How long is a match?

Known as bouts, the match lasts for 30 minutes but is separated into two minute “jams”.

PHOTO: Hellfire Harlots after their victory in Manchester ©Roller Derby On Film
PHOTO: Hellfire Harlots after their victory in Manchester ©Roller Derby On Film


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